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The Harmony House
30​-Day Guarantee: We technicians are professionals, but are still ​only human.  Please let me know if a tweak is needed for a free return check-up!  ​Due to the construction of pianos from natural materials, incremental changes are expected between service calls.  Hence this guarantee is limited to 30 days.

  Piano Tuning, Regulating,   and Repair Services

 Tuning, Regulating, Repairs and Other Services
​◆ Action regulating to achieve a smooth touch. 
◆ Voicing to bring out the beautiful even tone in your piano. ◆ Repairs to your action; sticking, broken, and uneven keys,
.....as well as finish touch ups and regular piano cleanings.
Have a piano to sell?  I'm usually looking for pianos to refurbish.

​Have questions?  If so, please check out my
FAQ's page.

Pitch raising to A440 for pianos that have fallen in pitch. 

Fine tuning to make your piano sound beautiful.

Pre-purchase consultation to assist you in buying a piano. 
​◆ Available to service school districts, universities/colleges,
.....churches, retirement centers, music teachers, and YOU!

Please see my special discounts available to ALL my clients.

"Tuning The Ivories, so you can get back to playing beautiful music!"

Whether you're a beginning piano student or accomplished professional (or somewhere in between), a great piano experience begins with a properly maintained instrument that creates a beautiful sound!   If it has been a while since having your piano tuned or if your piano is not working correctly or is not sounding like it should, please contact me for pricing information and to set up a tuning session.   Piano tuning is the process of making minute adjustments to the tensions of the strings to properly align the intervals between their tones so that the instrument is in tune. Tuning sessions typically take about 90 minutes to 2 hours and may require an additional followup visit, if your piano requires additional attention to raise the pitch or to perform regulating or minor repair services.